The Southwest Alaska Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the product of an ongoing regional planning process designed to facilitate sustainable, long-term, and responsible economic development, job creation, and overall improvement in the quality of life in Southwest Alaska. This process began in 1991 when the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC) first prepared and submitted an Overall Economic Development Plan (OEDP) to the Economic Development Administration (EDA).


SWAMC completed an extensive re-write of the Southwest Alaska CEDS in June 2014. This 2015 – 2019 CEDS is an 80 page document that covers this 5 year planning period, with updates released annually.


The 2018 update of the CEDS report is available to view here. The comment period for the update is open until August 3, 2018. Updates to our CEDS are conducted annually with a public comment period scheduled for each update. Send any questions or thoughts about the 2018 CEDS update to our Executive Director Doug Griffin.