Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference

Economic Development and Advocacy
for Southwest Alaska

SWAMC is a regional economic development and regional membership organization that serves subregions of Southwest, Alaska, including Bristol Bay, Kodiak, and Aleutian/Pribilof. Our mission is to advocate for rural communities in this region and provide resources to support economic development.

What’s New

Recovery & Resilience in Southwest Alaska

Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic – For Now and the Future

Our Economic Resources & Programs

Economic Recovery Plan 

With CARES Act funding, SWAMC is developing a Regional Economic Recovery & Resiliency Plan to develop strategies with key stakeholders to enable the region to better withstand economic downturns.


High-speed broadband is critical for economic advancement and resilience in Southwest Alaska. SWAMC supports middle-mile and last-mile companies in applying for federal broadband infrastructure funding.

Energy Audits

Small businesses and commercial fishers can apply for low-cost energy audits through the SWAMC Energy Audit Program. We assist businesses in accessing funding available through USDA grant programs.

COVID Relief Resources 

SWAMC assists Southwest Alaska businesses in understanding, accessing, and applying for the many COVID relief resources and programs offered by the EDA, Alaska ARPA, and other federal programs.

Become a SWAMC Member

SWAMC members have a direct impact on the Southwest Alaska community and support a healthy, thriving economy in the region. As a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, we rely on member contributions to continue proving economic resources and advocating for rural communities in Southwest Alaska. Many of our current members include tribal councils and other non-profits, for-profit businesses, and municipal members. 

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