Issues & Advocacy

One of SWAMC’s roles is to provide a united voice for Southwest Alaska on issues important to the region. SWAMC advocates for the region by providing accurate research and information, developing regional consensus on issues, and conveying local and regional priorities to government agencies, the Southwest Alaska Legislative Delegation, and the Alaska Congressional Delegation.

Priorities & Positions

Each year, SWAMC reviews and adopts a set of positions on various issues that impact the communities, businesses and residents of Southwest Alaska. The SWAMC membership prioritizes these positions to focus organizational resources on those issues of utmost importance to the region. These priorities and position statements reflect the long-term values of the region and SWAMC.


SWAMC’s Current Position Statements¬†address fisheries, general state funding, public safety, tourism, transportation, public facilities and energy issues. SWAMC’s priorities and positions are distributed to state agencies, the Alaska State Legislature and the Alaska Congressional delegation, as well as to other interested parties.


SWAMC also partners with various advocacy organizations and interest groups to advocate for various issues or needs, including: the Alaska Municipal League; the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce; and other Alaska Regional Development Organizations.


Based on the context of previously adopted priorities and positions, SWAMC adopts resolutions on various matters that are of a more specific, short-term nature. The SWAMC Board of Directors may adopt resolutions at any regularly scheduled or special board meeting. Additionally, the SWAMC membership votes on resolutions during the annual economic summit and membership meeting, which is held each year. Find out more about submitting a resolution to SWAMC or review current resolutions.